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We are engaged in an ongoing programme of fundraising and grantwriting. As a registered charity, we are able to reclaim tax paid on any donations made. Please contact us if you are able to help with a donation or would like to support us by attending one of our events.

To save Pilgrim’s Progress, we need to raise nearly £400,000.

The funds are required for two phases of specialist conservation work.

Phase I comprises the stabilisation of the mural by cleaning it, consolidating the parts that are flaking, and applying a facing layer that arrests further deterioration. We need to raise £48,000 for this part of the project.

Phase II comprises the detachment of the mural from the walls of the church crypt, its detailed conservation and its rendering on to panels for reconstruction in its new home. For this we need to raise a further £327,000.


We will soon be able to offer Gift Aid on donations.


We would like as many people as possible to see the Feibusch Mural, so we turn to you now to help us realise our ambition.

The Feibusch Progress Project
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