The benefits of access to learning and the arts can and must be open to all, especially in areas of deprivation, where they provide unique opportunities to combat some of the symptoms of social dislocation and its consequences.

Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester

Hans Feibusch’s murals are to be found in churches and public buildings throughout the UK, but Pilgrim’s Progress is unique among his work in being a non-commissioned autobiographical project. As such, it is a disturbing visual record of his flight from Nazi Germany that has enormous resonance in the modern day, as we witness once again the displacement of refugees from conflict zones and consider the position of the British people in the history of diaspora. Properly preserved, interpreted and displayed, it has the potential to be a powerful educational tool in the service of peace. Our goal is to create a socially engaged community arts hub in Newhaven, with the mural and its values of tolerance and inclusiveness at the heart of our vision.